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“There are three eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.”


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Welcome to Hyper Connectivity LTD
Briefly about us

You want to begin investing, but you don't know how? hyperconnectivity.biz will assist you to accomplish your investment potential. We provide an encouraging collaboration that will cause individual investor the income from the company's trading activities. The most genuine transactions and supreme earnings from the allocation of funds are supported by the minimum level of ranches and financial contingencies.

For more than five years, we have been trading in the speculation syndicate using high-level trade algorithms to get a high rate of strong transactions. The trade of cryptocurrency produces our company income all the time. Throughout that time, we have wholly analyzed all the advantages and drawbacks of this field. We have determined to take the influence of trade to achieve the highest results.

The core of the flourishing trade in our company is the prelude of new trading algorithms using modern data critique techniques. This enables us to build uniformly the number of fashioning capital and to expand the business's profitability quickly. And of course, you can't do it without qualified staff who will take the quick and most crucial decisions in the outcome of which they will be the final consequence of the company's achievement.

We absolutely pledge ourselves to our business and surmount difficult hindrances for the implementation of high trading performance. We have designed all the necessary provisions for the success of our investors. Everyone can take advantage of this novel opportunity to execute the initial round.

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Referral bonus for investors
Affiliate program

1 Level ref. program: 5.0%
2 Level ref. program: 3.0%
3 Level ref. program: 1.0%

Representative bonus for investors
Representative program

1 Level ref. program: 10.0%
2 Level ref. program: 6.0%
3 Level ref. program: 4.0%


Investments offer hyperconnectivity.biz
Information for investors

* hyperconnectivity.biz allows you to display the available tools when You want. You make the request and the money is transferred instantaneously to your account.

7% Daily 50 days

Min. amount:10 USD
Max. amount:500 USD
Investment period:50 Days
Principle Included:Yes

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* Percent instant accrued daily and available to withdraw

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9% Daily 50 days

Min. amount:501 USD
Max. amount:1000 USD
Investment period:50 Days
Principle Included:Yes

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* Percent instant accrued daily and available to withdraw

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11% Daily 50 Days

Min. amount:1001 USD
Max. amount:2500USD
Investment period:50 Days
Principle IncludedYES

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* Percent instant accrued daily and available to withdraw

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13% Daily 50 days

Min. amount:2501 USD
Max. amount:100000 USD
Investment period:50 days
Principle IncludedYES

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Current sum of deposit:    100 USD

10 USD

100000 USD

Your Daily Profit: 7 USD
Your Profit After Maturity: 350 USD


Why does everyone choose us?
Best solutions

Better conditions

Our project has built all the essential provisions for each investor. We want to make it easy for you to handle your service and maximize the benefit of using it. Getting a profit from investing in our project will be not hard.

Experienced team

The combination of our Organization is formed solely of extremely skilled specialists whose responsibility is to improve regularly the strategy of community and to find new solutions to conquer feasible uncertainties.

Additional earnings

By doing a Partner program and system of conditions, you can get a steady huge profit during the time of our collaboration with you and your individual attachments. Besides, by catching these areas it's possible to constantly increase your profits.

Simple withdrawal of funds

A suitable service lets you remove promptly the assets from the balance at any time and in any amount. To remove an available amount, you simply need to make a payment request and the funds are immediately transferred to your account.


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Reduce risks

Our site is probably preserved against all external and internal fulminations, such as DDoS attacks and hacking. All servers are multiplied, and we have several autonomous internet connections and power lines.

Our firm grants full protection for each user's data transfer through the unique cryptographic SSL protocol. So you don't have to annoy about drooling data.

Funding in all sorts of ventures implies risks. To avoid them, we have resorted to a class of methods, the most prominent being diversification. This allocation of funds on various fronts, in our case each track is a separate cryptocurrency.

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Privacy Policy

Every private data which you furnish the company are stored in conditions of strict confidentiality and are shielded by the Law on the protection of personal data. All your intimate data can be practiced by the company only for the optimization of investment interaction between Hyper Connectivity LTD and investor, and also for the promotion of quality of the provided services.

Company address:71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

Company number: 11828927